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The foundation of AVI DESIGN GROUP in the initial years was primarily in the area of Apparel Sourcing in which it saw the highest growth. Today, the group’s  experience in global sourcing is vast and provides our clients access to a comprehensive range of merchandise worldwide. Our business is focussed on but not limited to Apparel and related products. Fabrics, trims, home goods, accessories and a whole range of miscellaneous general merchandise products form a part of our sourcing portfolio.Our clients can enjoy access our global supply base of over 200 thoroughly audited factories opening up a wealth of sourcing options.

This division works as an extension of our clients offices in the areas of manufacturing. We have streamlined the full scope of the function into five core activities outlined below that is handled by a capable product team assigned to each individual:


  • Factory and product Sourcing and Factory identification
  • Integral Product Development
  • Production Control and Supervision
  • Quality Inspections
  • Documentation and Logistics Support


We serve as eyes and ears for our clients worldwide. At the heart of our network is our global field presence. Our field support, of product technicians and quality assurance inspectors, ensures that our clients’ merchandise is made to the highest quality standards, in an ethical work environment, and shipped on time.Our philosophy is that there is no substitute for a strong physical presence in the factories. Every year we examine hundreds of articles of merchandise during the course of our scheduled inspections. Additionally, unannounced “spot checks” help assure adherence to the strictest compliance program. This constant factory presence also ensures real time production tracking.We either works to its clients’ quality guidelines or when not specified, to our own proprietary method derived from years of experience across multiple product categories. Our quality-control procedures include vigorous on-site inspection of raw materials, examination of in-line production, and a pre-shipment final inspection.We have strict policies for any violation or abuse of human rights, child-labor laws and factory-safety standards.