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Apparel Design and Technical Solutions

One of the biggest challenges Apparel Companies worldwide face in today’s day is to be able to keep up with the fast moving pace of the fashion business and to align all their teams to the speed to market strategies.The Graphic Design functions for areas covering both design concepts and related technical specifications have always formed a key stimulator to faster production and also known to be one of the biggest road blocks to getting goods produced.

This division works independently as an Apparel & Graphic Art Studio  that caters to small and mid sized apparel companies that are interested to outsource their art and graphic requirements. The idea behind the operation would be allow the Design Heads and their teams to have additional support for Graphic Art and CAD work and allow scaleablity without having to hire more internal resources. Our operation is based out of India that allows our clients to take advantage of lower production costs in the country and also ease of communication as our teams are we.

The following categories cover most of the services that we offer to our customers.

Design Research Services

Our business model hires individuals that cater to each of our customers opposed to working as a free lance operation and allows the person to we hire for the specific requirement of our client to be trained on their systems, processes and requirements. The goal is to allow the artists in our office to work as an extended member of their teams.