Over the last decade Apparel companies globally have witnessed a dramatic change in the way they need to operate. Along with the tough task of living upto a customer’s expectation while balancing the challenges on the design and production side has been a prominent road block to most companies. The idea behind AVI DESIGN GROUP was born where a group of passionate professionals in different areas of the Fashion Industry got together to bring a host of different value added services to the client that allowed them to do what they did best. Each member of the group brought individual strengths and expertise to the table that complemented each other.

AVI DESIGN Group was founded by Apparel Industry Veteran- Avi Sonpal and this group of professionals that shared his vision that the Apparel Industry  was missing a niche in assisting small and mid sized companies needing manufacturing and outsourcing support.  Avi was credited with being one of the founding members of the Global Sourcing and Operations team of American Apparel Retailer Steve & Barry’s. He was instrumental in steering their growth from a twelve store chain to a two hundred and seventy five store chain through the tenure that he was involved with them. He founded and ran twelve global offices for the Retailer across different countries and managed a staff of over 1,000 employees.

Today the group is a global operation with multiple offices and  has diversified business interests across the Apparel Industry in the areas of Apparel Design Outsourcing, Apparel & Fabric/Trims Sourcing and Apparel Manufacturing. Our clients include a spectrum of several known brands, speciality and department stores, catalogue companies and importers in the Apparel and Fashion Industry North America, Europe and Australia.